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Precision Floor Screed provides poured insulation, traditional insulation and liquid floor screed for commercial premises and private builds in Monaghan, Cavan, Meath, Louth and Dublin.

There’s no job too big or too small for Precision Floor Screed so why not contact us for a quote today and you will discover the advantages Precision Floor Screed can to offer you and your clients.

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What is Ultraflo® ?

Ultraflo® is a hemihydrate floor screed supplied throughout Ireland. Hemihydrate liquid floor screeds have been developed in Germany and have been used successfully throughout Europe for over 25 years and in Ireland for the past 5 years. This environmentally friendly product, manufactured from a by-product of flu gas desulphurisation has been awarded many prestigious environmental awards.

As it is not a cement-based product it is not subject to shrinkage cracking and curling; issues more commonly associated with traditional screeds.

It is superior to other liquid screeds due to its hemihydrate formulation.  A key benefit of a hemihydrate floor screed is that it does not suffer from surface laitance (a scum/dust of material adhering to the top of the screed during the curing process).  This unique advantage means Ultraflo® hemihydrate requires no buffing/grinding to the floor surface prior to application of floor finishes.

Why choose Ultraflo® ?

The screed is liquid in nature, which flows to give a self-smoothing finish, and is virtually self-leveling. It is pump applied and only requires minimal tamping to achieve a smooth level surface that is able to take light traffic after only 24hours.  Unlike anhydrite screeds, Ultraflo®  hemihydrate floor screed is not subject to formation of any surface layers or laitance.

As a result its high compressive and flexural strengths it can be installed at minimum depth of 30mm. The shallower depths result in reduced weight and significantly shorter drying times.

This screed is suitable for most floating floor applications, such as residential, commercial, industrial, health and education. It is inorganic and bacteria resistant which make it the perfect solution for buildings where infection control is paramount, such as hospitals, schools or pharmaceutical factories.

Ultraflo® offers superb benefits when used with under floor heating systems.  It is a solid high-density screed with a greater thermal conductivity than traditional screeds. As a result of this, under floor heating systems can operate at significantly lower temperatures than those used with traditional screed, to produce the equivalent room temperatures. The liquid nature of the screed enables it to fully encapsulate the under floor heating pipes, to give maximum heat transfer into the screed, greatly improving the efficiency of under floor heating systems and significantly improving the heat response time.



Ultraflo® is a quality assured product.  It has been designed to comply with the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002 and is used in accordance with the code of practice for floor screeds BS8204: Part 7.  Each load is tested for flow characteristics prior to discharge to ensure a consistent quality product.

Reasons To Choose Ultraflo Floor Screed

Greater thermal efficiency
Fast installation
Superior performance
No shrinkage/cracking/curling
Quality approved suppliers and installers
Environmentally friendly

Floor Preparation Guide

Floor Aftercare Guide

TLA energy store from precision floor screed

Energystore TLA® combines eps beads coated in an innovative additive with cement to create a pourable insulation. Combining excellent thermal performance, enhanced compressive strength and an A2 fire rating for a unique insulation alternative. The free-flowing and self-levelling properties mean a faster and more efficient install. Poured insulation means a continuous thermal layer with no gaps or breaks leading to superior in-life performance and enhanced Psi-Values.

Reasons to use TLA Poured insulation:

  • Faster and more efficient install
  • Rapid drying times & unrivalled install speed.
  • Zero waste on-site
  • Can be poured to any thickness and naturally absorbs any camber or unevenness in the floor slab.
  • Installed as a replacement for EPS/PIR.Energystore TLA® can be installed to any depth from 50mm thickness.
  • Superior strength with very low density enabling weight reduction & reduced screed depth.
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Speed of installation

We can lay up to 1000Mper day, with a minimum requirement for movement joints. This is a much quicker method than laying a traditional sand & cement screed.  It has self-smoothing properties, and should be able to take light traffic after just 24 hours.

About Us


Precision Floor Screed are certified installers of floor screed and poured floor insulation and are located in Louth which allows us to easily travel to sites all over the North East of Ireland including Monaghan, Cavan, Louth, Meath and Dublin. We pride ourselves on our high quality, cost effective and efficient service.

Using our mobile factory, the team provide floor insulation and self-levelling, high-performance floor screed to the site with minimal waste to the client and minimal disruption to other site workers.

We have been involved in the construction industry for over 20 years and have developed an experienced team to respond to the demand from both commercial and domestic customers for industry standard floors.




Precision-floor-screed-Howth-Co Dublin
Precision-floor-screed-Howth Co Dublin -Ultraflo Liquid Screed
Precision-floor-screed-Howth-Co Dublin - Ultraflo Liquid Floor Screed
Precision-floor-screed-Howth Co Dublin Ultraflo Liquid Screed

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Outstanding service

Quality is of paramount importance to our team and we believe in getting it right first time, every time. Each project is completed with the upmost professionalism and due diligence with our priority being installing each floor to the highest standard.


Our Experience

We have been involved in the construction industry for over 20 years and have developed an experienced team to respond to the demand from both commercial and domestic customers for industry standard floors. Our team is focused on supplying advice and technical expertise throughout the floor screeding process and will help guide you through the installation. 


Competitively Priced

We try to compete with our competitors to provide the best service we can at the best and most competitive price possible.



We can lay up to 1000Mper day, with a minimum requirement for movement joints. This is a much quicker method than laying a traditional sand & cement screed. 



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